In the past we have translated most texts into a shortened english version, which we added to the German text. We have stopped this, it requires a lot of space and we became lazy. However modern browsers offer automatic translation on PC/Mac as well as on cellphones. You just need to choose the setting:

For Chrome browsers: 

     PC/Mac:  goto  "chrome://settings/?search=language", open the drop down menu and activate the button "Offer to translate ..."

For Chrome on cellphones:

     Click the three dots in the lower right corner, scroll to translations and activate these

The above solution translates the entire page. If you want to translate some text somewhere, you can just highlight the respective text and press CTRL F9 to activate the Windows Buildt-in function. Or you install Deepl, my personal favorite of translation tools and use CTRL CC to translate into any language. And there are more solutions out there.

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